What if?

January 31, 2020 What if you could truly believe that everything is 'figure-out-able'? What if you had the freedom {time & money} to map out how you want to thrive, work, feel accomplished and share your talents with the world? What if you let yourself believe that big things are meant for you -- not... Continue Reading →

On the Eve of (an) Epiphany

January 11, 2020 I started writing this post on January 5th - hence the title. It was (big E) epiphany time, and it seemed fitting that the carol I couldn't get out of my head that night (I had heard it sung by a group of carollers at Butchart Gardens a couple of evenings previously)... Continue Reading →

Living with Darkness

November 10, 2019 Dusk is falling earlier. On its face, the news of the world feels heavy and dark. And, recently, at times so too does my heart.  I haven't been staying connected with my inner source; instead, I've let the ease of distraction take over. Thank goodness for the outreached hands---the thoughtful (and unexpected)... Continue Reading →

The Potter and the Clay

September 15, 2019 I'm not sure when it started, but it has been lingering for a while. That feeling when you know you are headed "inward" again ::: and, so it goes, in alignment with the season's shift ::: I think it may have started during Elizabeth Hay's All Things Consoled;  continued with Eleanor Oliphant Is... Continue Reading →

The Critic and The Cheerleader

June 9, 2019 Last Sunday I attended a one day retreat that was held at a local farm, hosted by two wonderful women.  We wrote, did some yoga, listened to each others' stories, and reflected on archetypes -- all in a beautiful, lush environment.   It was good timing, as the well was (and is)... Continue Reading →

It’s in every one of us

May 14 This past weekend was Mothers' Day, and that calls for self-care ❤️: connection with nature 🌿🍃and gentleness. For over half of my life, I've been a motherless daughter, and it was at the age of 47 -- the age I just turned recently -- that my mom died. 🌘  She died from metastatic... Continue Reading →

The Muddy Middle

April 20, 2019 Have I written before, somewhere in these virtual pages, that Easter is my favourite Christian {{{ and non-Christian }}}) holiday?  The darkness of the tomb ::: the pain and despair that comes with loss, from endings ::: and the emergence of hope {{{ resurrection }}} that can carry us through darkness. ~~~... Continue Reading →

A Shadow

January 19, 2019 So, this happened (as they say).  An unforced error, just me taking a tumble not more than 2 metres from my house, walking the dog.  The ground was much frostier and slippery than I anticipated and ... WHOMP. That slo-mo feeling is so strange. It's like you are watching what's happening, but as... Continue Reading →

This Life

December 24, 2018 A couple of days ago - December 19 -  I posted the item below on Facebook and on my Instagram account. Wishing each and every one of you the blessings of the season -- the gift of loving, and to be loved -- in this holy mystery that is our human journey. I post... Continue Reading →

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